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Blond Negroni Kit

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Our Blond Negroni captures the essence of this bold cocktail, yet does so with a light and bright playfulness of its own. Comprised of equal parts barrel-aged gin, a classic gentian aperitif, and a lightly sweet blanc vermouth, it's an all-French take on the Italian classic. With a marked bitter note and level sweetness, this drink is very much the original’s sibling. Salers is one of the lesser-known bitter gems, despite its long history. Lighter in weight, with less sugar and no artificial coloring, it is one of the purest expressions of gentian flavor. To balance its vegetal bitterness, Comoz’s stone fruit flavors bring to mind a refreshing summer nectarine salad. A gin softened by time in 5 types of wooden barrels balances without overpowering with juniper. For the perfect citrus accent, try finishing with a grapefruit peel, expressed over, and set into the cocktail. Á votre santé!

Our kit includes:

+ Citadelle Reserve Solera Gin (750 ml)
+ Salers Gentiane Aperitif (750 ml)
+ Comoz Vermouth de Chambery Blanc (750 ml)
+ Recipe card