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Escapist Negroni Kit

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The Escapist Negroni transports one to a place of pure comfort, classic style, and sacred tradition. Spirits steeped with hand-foraged ingredients from Italy, the cradle of so many of the world's objectively great drinking traditions. Though the drink's influence has spread internationally, it is still most at home in a sun-drenched piazza, in the shadow of a crumbling church whose ringing bells also announce the hour of aperitivo. Del Professore Rosso is a classically bold vermouth, and naturally it pairs perfectly with Del Professore's take on a red bitter, with notes of fresh gentian, cinnamon, and rhubarb. Tying them together is Bordiga's Occitan Gin, a nineteenth-century recipe with bold juniper, bright citrus, and piney mountain herbs. Once you've mixed yours up, put out the salumi, olives, and potato chips, put on a Puccini record in the adjoining room, close your eyes and imagine yourself taken to a sleepy piazza far far away...

Our kit includes:

+ Bordiga Occitan Italian Gin (750 ml)
+ Del Professore Bitter Liqueur (750 ml)
+ Del Professore Rosso Liqueur (750 ml)
+ Recipe card