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Shop Our Store Picks!

La Medida "Chichicapam" Tobala Mezcal


Based in San Baltazar Chichicapam, Berta Vasquez is one of Oaxaca’s most iconic maestra mezcaleras. Tobalá is among the most coveted varieties of maguey used to make mezcal. The tiny Tobalá agave, harvested wild at 10–15 years old, yields very low amounts of sugar (and thus, very small amounts of mezcal); it can take up to three plants to produce one bottle. After all that patience, and with Tobalá representing less than 3% of the agave grown in Oaxaca today, little wonder the mezcal is widely revered! 46.35% ABV

A beautiful and delicate expression of Tobala well balanced with flavors of earth and spice. Noticeable hints of mesquite smoke disappear seamlessly into the extended finish of sweet  roasted pumpkin squash.