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Many whiskies are special, countless bottles are prized, but fewer than few promise tears in one's eyes. But this here is one of them, a true unicorn, with which our dear bar carts are seldom adorned. Aged at least twenty years - that statement's a minimum, it's swimming with cherries, rich oak notes, and cinnamon. If you manage to snag this, which we hope sincerely, thank your guardian angel - it's released less than yearly.

All of this is to say that life can be fleeting, so go ahead and try, time to get competing!

Old Billy Larue, the old rogue can't be beat. He's gone and swapped the damn whiskey's rye out for wheat! The gamble paid off though and he's thanking the lord, cause this stuff's a crowd favorite nearly all 'cross the board. Brown sugar and candy, then a throat coating warm, this will gird your ship's hull all the way through the storm. Riding waves of vanilla with caramel swirls, then leather and oak as the palate unfurls.

And though he presents so intense, so immense, old Bill doesn't do this to frighten. It's so that his wheater, his sweet tummy heater, can get us all drunk enough we're enlightened.

Oft beloved for his vigor and his sting like a bee, our friend Thomas Handy has never been twee. With a high barrel proof and at six years of age, he'll present like a lion escaped from his cage. But this year's is less angry and piquant than most, with a nose filled with bubblegum and cinnamon toast. The palate starts sweet, and rather than heat, you'll find raisins and berries, a decadent treat. And then oranges and currant, with a cherry on top, this usual brute is really rather a fop! But lest that should fool you don't forget this is rye, and at the very tail end the spice rack is nigh. It may take you unready, but still leave you impressed, because while this vintage is strange it may be one of Tom's best.

Aged eighteen long years, though its name says one less, this bottle of bourbon is sure to impress. Its proof 101, much higher than some, means flavors abound, more chances for yum.

The nose shows its age, and then you're in on the take, with wafting old wood, brown sugar, and cake. The palate presents an offering of oak, but is buoyed by berries, and a swirl of smoke. And on the finish, what have we here? Pepper, earthiness, and warm spice appear! And though alluring to many, we can offer but few, but if your ticket is pulled, she'll be waiting for you!

Sazerac Rye, with its long storied past, could soon find its future inside of your glass! 18 years inside of new oak, is sometimes too much in the hands of "some bloke", but under Harlen Wheatley's watchful eye, this old rye is balanced like sweet cherry pie.

Aromas of apricots, old oak, and herbs, but more enticing and full than I can describe in this blurb. And Jiminy Christmas, the palate you'll find! Buttery, musty, with cherries behind! And surrounding it all, the rye shows its spice, it blooms and envelops, even over some ice. It sounds pretty good, right? Pretty gosh darn delicious? Then why not go ahead and enter, if you're feeling capricious!


A tribute to the distinct tastes of father and son, this is an artful blend of 9 to 10-year-old bourbon for Jimmy and a 14-year-old bourbon for Eddie harmonized into one through a second maturation. Eddie’s father, famed Master Distiller Jimmy Russell’s love of mid-aged bourbons is no secret. To reflect his father’s tastes, Eddie hand-selected barrels aged between 9 and 10-years-old.

On the nose, there is caramel apple, honey, butterscotch, sour cherry, dark chocolate, and assertive oak. The palate shows toffee, creme brulee, orange peel, smoky oak, and tobacco. The finish is long with nutmeg, pepper, citrus peel, and leather. Bottled at 50.5% abv.

Per Freddie Noe: "Little Book Chapter 5 is a blend of four different liquid streams with a vast range of ages, flavors and distillation styles. Three of the four liquid streams contained in Chapter 5 were distilled under my watchful eye, and I’m thrilled to offer drinkers a whiskey that is both expansive and complex. With the base of this blend being a 2-year-old bourbon, this chapter continues to push the boundaries of blending and challenges what some might assume of lower aged whiskies. The way these liquid streams complement each other makes this liquid extremely approachable, even for those who haven’t given cask strength whiskey a try." Bottled at 58.4% abv.

Before starting at St. George in 1996, Head Distillery Lance Winters had spent five years working as a brewer. When he realized that brewing beer was halfway to distilling whiskey, he turned in his brewer’s card and dedicated himself to the art and craft of distillation. Though the category of "American single malt" did not yet exist, Lance joined St. George Spirits with the express purpose of making single malt whiskey. Since 2000, the St. George Single Malt has been a beloved annual release, with each lot different in cask makeup and average age of the blend.

The youngest barrel in Lot 21 is about four-and-a-half years old, while the oldest single cask is just over 10 years. The blend also includes cask blends with whiskey dating back 22 years. Lot 21 incorporates used Kentucky bourbon barrels, used Tennessee whiskey barrels, American and French oak apple brandy casks, agricole rum casks, and California Sauternes-style casks.

Volume One of the Wolves Whiskey Rye Project is in collaboration with Willett Family Estate. Wolves and Willett Master Distiller Drew Kulsveen selected barrels of 7 and 6 year straight Rye whiskey with a 74% Rye mashbill from House A, South Rick 14, and House H, South Rick 6. Between the the 51% Rye and the Family Estate Rye barrels, they found balance in a Willett-dominant blend and at 103 proof for Batch1.

George T. Stagg built the most dominant American distillery of the 19th century, during a time known as the Gilded Age of Bourbon. Uncut and unfiltered, this robust bourbon whiskey ages for nearly a decade and boasts the bold character that is reminiscent of the man himself. Rich, sweet, chocolate, and brown sugar flavors mingle in perfect balance with the bold rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves, and smokiness. Bottled at 65.45% abv.


To enter a drawing, sign-in, and click on the VBP Rewards button located on the bottom right corner of the site. Active drawings are listed in the Get Rewards section.

Drawing begins December 14th and runs through December 26th. All drawing participants will be contacted with results on Monday, December 27th. This bottle list is ordered from least bottles available to most. Redeem 25 Points for an entry, multiple entries are allowed. Note that you will need to register your account and create a password the first time you sign-in online. Results are sent by email after a drawing has ended. If you are not signed up to receive emails or have removed B&B email permissions, you may not receive your results.