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How it works

Subscription options


About $80/quarter

Featuring rare bottles of American Whiskey that you won't find anywhere else. Receive one to two full size bottles every three months.


About $70/quarter

Explore the thrilling world of rum! Uncover fantastic treasures from around the world, including vintage, one-off releases, and more.


About $65/quarter

Our gin experts find the most exciting new and limited edition gins for you to enjoy every quarter! Receive a new bottle every three months.


About $95/quarter

Spice up your cocktail life every quarter with a brand new Negroni, from classic to newfangled. Receive three bottles every three months.


About $75/quarter

Discover new cocktails! Get amazing craft spirits while learning inventive riffs on the classic. Receive a recipe and new bar size bottles every three months.


TBD $/quarter

We're excited to add even more options. What other spirit, featured cocktail, or bar supply would you like to see? Email us at

Club B&B perks


When will I get my subscription order?

Our clubs have a new selection once every three months. New subscribers will be added with the next run. Each club sign-up page has an ETA on the next round, although dates are approximate as supplier timelines can be a little wiggly.

What if I want to skip a quarter?

You’ll get an email announcing your clubs new offering a week before it becomes available, if you’d like to skip, just reply back letting us know within three days. Note that once your payment method has been charged, we are unable to refund. If two quarters in a row are skipped, the subscription will be considered canceled.

Do I create a subscription account if I have a Bitters & Bottles account?

Yes! This is a secure additional section of the site that stores your payment information and is used to manage your club subscriptions. Register for your Club B&B account using the same email address to ensure your VBP points and Club Shop access go through.

Tell about the Club Shop.

Some items have gotten so popular, they’re almost never available for our customers. We think it’s really cool that subscribers trust us to choose something wonderful for them, our goal is to reserve some of these very popular, hard to find, often overpriced bottles – and reserve them for our subscribers, so they can also choose something wonderful for themselves!

How does the Club Shop work?

Every quarter that your subscription runs, your shop account is updated with access to the Club Shop. One subscription order entitles you to the purchase of one bottle from the Club Shop. Up to three Club Shop purchases can be banked - over different quarters, by signing up for more than one club, or by signing up for a club multiple times. Purchasing more items than authorized from the Club Shop may result in a customer losing this perk.

Where can you ship to?

We can ship subscription purchases to Business addresses only in California, USA. All packages must be signed for by an adult over 21 years.

How do I ship more items with my subscription?

Look for a free shipping code in the email announcing your new club offering. The code will be valid for seven days, and any additional items purchased will ship with your subscription purchase at no additional shipping cost.

When will my VBP points show up?

VBP points will be added to your account within forty-eight hours of your subscription purchase.

Can I use a VBP discount?

VBP discounts can’t be applied to a subscription purchase, but can be used on any items from our shop.

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