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Grow your gin collection with the very best bottles from around the world, featuring exciting new releases, seasonal bottlings, and limited edition gins. Every quarter our B&B team hand-selects a craft gin PLUS special treats we believe enhance the flavors of the gin to make each selection a true tasting experience. Always under $85.

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Prickly Celebration of Women

Founded in 2015, Flor de Luna is a pioneering micro-distillery located in the heart of Mexico City. With a tiny production crew of just five women including founder and Master Distiller, Hillhamn Salome, the team strives to create modern and exciting new spirits while paying tribute to the cultural and culinary heritage of Mexico.

The newest project from Flor de Luna, Condesa Gin is named for La Condesa, a leafy oasis in the heart of México City where ivy climbs over art deco buildings and tree-lined avenues lead to sun-drenched street corners. Where old meets new, calm meets vibrance, shade meets dappled sunlight. And of course, where Condesa gin is distilled.

Ultimate Hot Toddy

Theory Gin 003

Whether enjoyed warmed up in a toddy, all on its own, or perhaps in a Martinez or Gin Old Fashioned – this quarter's Gin Club selection is a LOVELY sipper. Crafted at Old Trestle, this micro-distiller is producing unique spirits in Truckee, California, and we’ve been particularly enchanted by their Theory Gin line, a wide-ranging and constantly evolving experiment in terroir. While they have a traditional “001” formula, we were excited to peel away a bit of their Old Tom inspired, barrel rested, and slightly honey sweetened 003 gin recipe.

Old Tom as a type of gin isn't terribly well defined. It comes from the early 18th century, a time ripe with gins of questionable origin, quality, and morals. Naturally sweet ingredients like licorice root were added to help the taste along, and since barrels were the easiest storage to find at the time - a style with varying levels of sweetness and barrel influence was born. Honey as a sweetener is a more modern choice, and is a great fit for all manner of cocktail applications, certainly the perfect choice for a Gin Toddy.

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“Every quarter I'm surprised by a fabulous new gin and fun treats that add to the drinking experience. I look forward to every shipment.”

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