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5 Sentidos Azul "La Coleccion Mixteca 2" Agave Spirit


This 500-liter batch of Azul (a. Tequilana Weber) was distilled by maestro mezcalero Delfino Tobón Mejía in his hometown of San Pablo Ameyaltepec, Puebla. Along with friends and family, Delfino harvested approximately seven tons of cultivated agave Azul in the village of Santo Tomas. After harvest, he roasted the cultivated agave in an underground oven with tehuixtle firewood for three days. After the roast, he allowed the cooked agave to ferment naturally for 10 days before distilling the mash and tepache once in his home-made, 3-plated copper still. Distilled February 2019, bottled April 2020. Approximately 200 liters were bottled for this batch. And the remaining 300 liters were re-distilled to create a Pechuga.


“La Colección Mixteca” is a curated selection of small-batch agave spirits crafted in the rustic distilleries of the mountainous Mixteca region of Oaxaca and Puebla. Each bottling explores the maestro mezcalero’s interpretation of subjecting agave endemic to the region to peculiar production methods and styles that have largely fallen out of favor in modern times. A significant portion of sales from the collection will be used for palenque improvement projects.