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5 Sentidos Papalote, Pizorra, & Azul "La Coleccion Mixteca 2" Agave Spirit



Post-distillation blends tend to be an anomaly for Cinco Sentidos, but maestro mezcalero Delfino Tobon Meja will occasionally mix finished barches together when preparing his merchandise for the regional market This post-distillation blend of three small, separate batches of agaves Papalote (a. Potatorum), Pizorra (a Marmoratal and Azul (a Tequilana Weber), then, is representative of what one could expect to taste on a Tuesday afternoon at the regional El Moril market in Tepexi de Rodriguez. Puebla, where this batch was originally destined for. Delfino blended the three batchers all of which produced in his hometown of San Pablo Ameyaltepec, with the use of an un ground oven, mechanical mill, natural fermentation with spring water, and a homemade 3-plated copper still in the summer of 2019. They were blended together in September 2019 and bottled in April 2020 200 liters total

“La Colección Mixteca” is a curated selection of small-batch agave spirits crafted in the rustic distilleries of the mountainous Mixteca region of Oaxaca and Puebla. Each bottling explores the maestro mezcalero’s interpretation of subjecting agave endemic to the region to peculiar production methods and styles that have largely fallen out of favor in modern times. A significant portion of sales from the collection will be used for palenque improvement projects.