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Shop Our Store Picks!

Balcones True Blue 100 Proof Corn Whiskey

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True Blue 100 is made from select barrels of Balcones blue corn whisky, brought down to 100 proof. Since the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, ‘100 proof’ has long stood for quality and authenticity. True Blue 100 carries on that tradition. 100% of the whisky in this bottle was born, raised, and bottled at Balcones - from mash to glass. More approachable than full cask-strength whisky, True Blue 100 retains the depth and complexity of over-proof spirits with the softer edges, supple textures and fuller fruitiness that slight dilution can bring. Rich notes of honeyed citrus, stone fruit and cinnamon and a rich, roasted corn palate. Perfect “as is” or with as much water as you prefer. Made from 100% blue corn.