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Bardstown Discovery Series #5 Straight Bourbon

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The Discovery Series honors the art of blending old and rare bourbons, a skill the folks at Bardstown have demonstrated with remarkable aplomb, creating whiskies of fantastic depth and complexity, and winning over more and more whiskey fans with each release. For the fifth bottling from their consistently impressive Discovery Series, Bardstown blended four sourced bourbon whiskies, all rye mash bill bourbons and ranging from 8% rye to 18% rye. The majority of the blend is made up of ultra aged whiskey, including a 17 year bourbon that makes up 25% of the final blend, and a 13 year bourbon that makes up 31% of the blend. This one won't last long.

Ripe, vibrant cherry over rich caramel and roasted marshmallow is accented by a touch of orange zest in this welcoming bouquet. The smooth mouthfeel is enhanced by light tannins from the rare, aged expressions that lead to a wonderfully warming finish.