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Shop Our Store Picks!

BG Reynolds Paradise Blend Syrup


Paradise Blend melds together a bit of tart Barbados grapefruit with some spicy Asian cinnamon to produce an intriguing balance of richness and sweetness.  Don the Beachcomber perfected this in his top-secret tiki mix, and BG Reynolds worked tirelessly to bring his elixir to your bar or backyard deck.

The Paradise Blend is perfect for your next Zombie Punch—just add a splash of grapefruit juice, sugar, and cinnamon chips and you’ve got a bona fide crowd pleaser.  Then give it a shot in any one of your tiki cocktails.  Whether it’s the classic Fog Cutter, some Plantation Punch, or a reincarnation of the Singapore Sling, we know the Paradise Blend will give that drink the kick it needs to take it over the top.