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Shop Our Store Picks!

Bitter Journey Bing Zhou Liqueur


Named after the birthplace of Wu Zetian, the only female monarch in the history of China, Bing Zhou incorporates flavors inspired by her life as an imperial concubine and her rise to power during the Tang Dynasty. Bing Zhou bottles the nostalgia of the fertile plains, the rainbow mountains, and the spirit of an ever changing woman. With each sip,  you taste the complexity of an ambitious woman's work in establishing the golden age of Chinese civilization - art, religion, war and peace.

In terms of flavor, this rich, bittersweet, and complex liqueur offers up rhubarb, chocolate, chrysanthemum, wheatgrass, bergamot, plum, coriander, saffron, tamarind, peat, and mint. Bottled at 40% abv.