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Bobby Burns Balls Kit


Many may balk at the fact that this spin on the Bobby Burns has not a single Scottish bone in it's body, but we think that Burns himself, in the true spirit of liberalism and romanticism, would say "balls" to that and embrace this unexpectedly global interpretation. Scotch whisky is replaced here with St. George's Baller Whiskey, the Bay Area distillery's take on Japanese whisky for highballs, which is finished in casks that previously held Umeshu plum liqueur. On top of that is the classic Benedictine, lending notes of dark honey, rosemary, and spice, and Ataman vermouth from Spain, which uses Manzanilla sherry as it's base. The result is a sharp, fruity, and modern take on the unsung classic that even a true and loyal Scotsman couldn't refuse. 

Kit includes one 750 ml bottle of St. George Baller Whiskey, one 500 ml bottle of Barbadillo Ataman Vermouth, one 375 ml bottle of Benedictine, and a recipe card.