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The Islay Milano Negroni Kit

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She's a tough, stubborn farm girl from Islay, they're a couple of carefree brothers from Milano who spend their days drinking in cafes and living La Dolce Vita. Oh mamma mia the shenanigans! Oh sweet tonnato what a love triangle! Oh madonna what a lovely Negroni! Islay meets Milano in this lush, complex, and delicious Negroni recipe that brings together some of our old store favorites and one of our most game changing new arrivals.

Our leading lady is the Botanist Gin from Islay's Bruichladdich distillery, known primarily as a beloved whisky maker. The gin toes the line between traditional and modern, with a balanced profile led by classic juniper and citrus peel, but backed up by a less traditional chorus of peppermint, apple mint, elderflower, thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, and a bevy of other botanicals, 22 of which are hand foraged on Islay. The result is an easy to love and familiar seeming gin, with small surprises around each corner and a depth of flavor that your classic London Dry just doesn't have.

Our Milanese marpiones come courtesy of Carpano, who are well known for their full and round Antica Formula vermouth, replete with loads of rich vanilla, nuts, bitter orange, dates, and cocoa. But perhaps the one to really catch your gaze here is the new guy on the scene: Carpano's Botanic Bitter. Lean, bitter, zesty, and fresh, this stands in beautifully for Campari, and is significantly less sweet (made with half the sugar of Campari) and slightly more complex. It's made with a maceration of ten botanicals: cinchona, saffron, gentian, bitter orange peel, fresh green orange peel, myrrh, rhubarb, wormwood, sandalwood, and zedoaria. These two brothers from Carpano couldn't be more different in their individual characters, but they come together to make an unforgettable Negroni.

Set also includes one Botanist bottle-inspired mixing glass, two bodega glasses, and one leather notebook to document your own whirlwind Scottish-Italian love triangle.