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Bruxo No. 4 Ensamble Mezcal

by Bruxo
"Ensamble" translates to English as "blend" or, literally, "assembly," but in mezcal terms it means "whatever was lying on the ground." In this case, it was espadín, barril and cuiche varietals of maguey. Each Bruxo is made in a different part of Oaxaca by a different mezcalero, this one is the work of Hero Rodriguez in the town of Las Salinas.

"Much as it works in the sense of sound, sometimes spirits taste best when there are different harmonies coming together. Each maguey varietal contributes different flavor profiles that all seem to make one pretty flavor. There are vegetal notes of jalepeño, tropical fruits and a mixture of both sweet and hot peppers. It also has a rich, buttery vanilla quality that fans out into a clean salty finish." - Amanda Schuster