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Buffalo Trace B&B 'Single Barrel Select' Bourbon

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Here at Bitters and Bottles we've been keeping our eye on this humble little Frankfort, KY distillery for a while, and have been telling anybody who will listen to give their whiskey a shot, as we always try to do our part to support up and coming producers. The distillery is called Buffalo Trace, and they've been quietly churning out some solid stuff for years now, to the delight of those of us in the know. After a few years of discreet enjoyment, we thought the quality of the product was finally getting to the point that we could really get behind them, and we decided to take a chance and invest in a whole barrel of the stuff. A big investment, to be sure, but we think if you're willing to go out on a limb and try it, you'll agree that these guys are worth supporting. So we're happy to be able to offer you this private barrel of their signature "Buffalo Trace Bourbon". 

Aromas of honey, orange creamsicle, cinnamon bun, citrus oils, raspberry, ripe pear, and spice sit gently in the glass. Upon a sip, you are met by sweet cornbread, salted caramel, peach ring gummies, and cherry cola, a sweet and inviting welcoming party if ever there was one. Sitting just behind those initial notes, something slightly floral is in concert with toasty spiced oak, buttery toast, and golden apples. The finish lingers on the orchard duo of apple and pear, with frosted flakes singing their sweet song alongside them. Bottled at 45% abv.