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Chairman's Reserve 9 Year Single Cask 100% Sugarcane Pot Still Rum

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St. Lucia Distillers, best known for their Chairman's Reserve line, is a stalwart of the blended pot and column still rum scene, such as it is. Throughout its colonial history, St. Lucia has changed hands back and forth between the English and the French, which left its mark on their rum-producing traditions. So though they are most known for their molasses based blends, they also produce a very small amount of "agricole" style sugarcane juice rum, using cane grown on their property. This rum has made it into a small number of blends, most recently their "Legacy" bottling, but hasn't been seen bottled on its own before now. 

This single cask is 100% sugarcane juice rum, distilled on their stellar vendome pot still, which we have loved for years for the molasses rums produced on it, and it impresses us just as much working with cane juice. It has aged for 9 years in ex-bourbon casks and bottled at a cask strength of 60.3% abv, without any additives, coloring, or other adulterants. The classic grassy profile you get with Martinique or Guadeloupe is present here, but way in the background behind lots of spice and stewed fruit. The wildness of the vendome pot still is also present, with some camphor, overripe grilled fruits, and a smoky presence. Because of the pot distillation it is perhaps more apt to compare it to an especially well aged Haitian Clairin than a Martinique Agricole, but neither truly do it justice, as St. Lucia rums are always so uniquely their own, whether molasses or cane juice.