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Chateau de Millet XO Bas Armagnac

The Château de Millet is located at Eauze, Gers, in Gascony right at the heart of Armagnac.  First dedicated to mixed farming and production of Armagnac, the domain is now also producing Côtes de Gascogne wines, “Domaine de Millet”. Run by the Dèche family for five generations, Francis and Lydie Dèche are the current proprietors, along with their daughter Laurence. The vineyard runs through the green hills North-West of Eauze, where sandy and clay soils meet the so-called “sables fauves” which are sandy soils. The Dèche's grow both Ugni Blanc and Baco grapes, and all of their brandies are a blend of the two, the Ugni Blanc providing great structure and Baco lending brighter top notes of flowers and spice.

As soon as they are out of the still, brandies are put in 400 liter French Oak barrels and allowed to slowly age in the family's chai. This Hors d'Age, or XO, bottling is a blend of Armagnac aged between 15 and 25 years. On the nose, you immediately get flamed orange peel, backed up by toasted oak, vanilla, and floral notes, with a soft, tea like element alongside. On the palate, cooked pear and stone fruit meet toffee, a slight acidity, minerality, almonds and hazelnuts, and a slight hint of liquorice. Bottled at 42% abv.