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Clairin Anysen Le Rocher 21 Month Cask Aged Rum

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From one of the most prominent producers of Haitian Clairin, available via La Maison & Velier to let rum lovers around the world discover the complexity of Romulus Bethel’s distillery, Le Rocher. Produced from syrup, not from pure juice, and produced by adding approximately 30% of dunder from previous batches during the distillation process. The syrup is slowly boiled in order to preserve all the aromas of the rum while retaining the character of the three varieties of cane. Le Rocher is an artisanal single pot still rum, bottled 'still proof' without any dilution - as per the Clairin protocol. This is an archeological example of the production method used in the French colonies, influenced by the "dunder-style" technique developed by the English in Jamaica.

This bottling of Le Rocher is then aged 21 months in casks that previously held agricole rum from Rhum Bielle in Marie Galante, Guadeloupe. Soft, sweet, and creamy with definite similarities to Jamaican rum and some bright, white wine-like qualities from the Bielle barrel. A much more prominent spice component than the unaged version, with a particular allspice note. Tart berries, banana, and baked apple are invited to the party as well, and they are most welcome indeed. A bit of cane grassiness and more creamy banana show up for the finish, and a hazy hint of champagne lingers with you long after you sip.