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Shop Our Store Picks!

Clairin Vaval Single Cask #VA17OL-4 ex-Sherry Rum

While aged Clairin remains a rarity, producers are beginning to explore how this unique spirit can be paired with different types of oak. This very small run was of single barrels was hand-selected by LM&V's Kate Perry, distilled in 2017, and aged for 39 months in Sherry Cask. Vaval's distillate is characterized by a more intense vegetal undercurrent, showcasing the grassy notes at the heart of the sugarcane. Combined with the intense sherry notes, this bottle leans drier with a bold profile.

Haiti is a small nation, yet contains over 500 distilleries, dotting the valleys, tucked into the jungles, perched in the mountains, and hugging the coast. Every bottled of Clairin produced in partnership with LM&V is labeled with the village of origin, the harvest year, the sugar cane variety, the type of fermentation and the distiller’s name. The spirit is similar to mezcaleros throughout Mexico creating discrete styles based on different types of agave and unique production methods.