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Crows Small Batch Gin

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Crows Gin is billed as the Philippines’ “first small batch craft gin.” A not widely known fact is that Philippines are the largest gin drinkers per capita in the world. And locally crafted premium gins are gaining in popularity. Featuring 23 botanicals, putting Crows in rarefied territory with Botanist and Monkey 47, 9 of which are locally sourced, pulling inspiration from Filipino cuisine. For example, Pandan is rare in gin but is a common ingredient in Filipino cooking. Steeped in coconut milk, they have flavors of rose, almond, vanilla and Bison grass. The Calamansi is sometimes referred to as a “Philippine Lime," a hybrid of a kumquat and a mandarin orange. Other local ingredients include lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, ginger, lemon, anise and a native chili pepper. The Crows US bottling is distilled in Belmont, California in coordination with the Philippines distillery.

A sweet nose with lots of citrus. Kumquat, tangelo, sweet lemon, and candied lime peel. The palate is smooth, especially on entry. Early, there’s lemon, orange, fiery ginger and galangal, with a slight perky spice. Mid-palate, intense flavors of Makrut lime leaf begin to take over. The long citrus finish shows more lime, with hints of white grapefruit and lemon grass. A mild richness helps lend botanical intensity and longevity.