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Dingle Batch 4 Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Dingle was opened only in 2012, but it’s already tearing up the market with release after release of unusual whiskeys. Dingle Single Malt Batch No. 4 is a limited edition offering aged in bourbon, Port, and two types of sherry casks (PX and Oloroso) before being blended. The Dingle Distillery distills only four casks per day. Each cask is triple-distilled and matured in Dingle where the intrinsic elements of its coastal location create a whiskey distinctive to any other.

Batch 4 doesn’t wander too far from the distillery’s tried and true. There’s lots of heather and cereal here on the nose, and the sherry character is right behind, backing it up. The Port isn’t immediately evident on the nose, as the bourbon cask does more of the heavy lifting. The palate is expressive and approachable, with a freshly baked cookie character up front. Hints of raisins allude to the Port influence, and the sherry casking gives the whiskey a strong character of oily nuts and orange peel. It all comes together quite amicably on the finish, which is bright with orange and lemon notes that wouldn’t be out of place in a sherry-finished Scotch.