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Doc Swinson's 15 Year Rare Release "Batch 10" Bourbon


15 year Bourbon is a rarity in these times, doubly so when it hails from Kentucky. This small batch (29 barrels) of old bourbon was blended at the (unnamed) distillery in Kentucky before being bottled by Doc Swinson's at a cask strength of 53.6% abv. Though the distillery of origin is undisclosed, the mash bill of 78% corn and nearly equal measures of rye and barley reminds us of a certain favorite of ours that rhymes with "Shmeaven Shmill", though that is only speculation, and some 15 year bourbons have been coming out of "Shmim Shmeam" lately as well. 

On the nose, the age is apparent, with leathery and nutty notes up front, followed by baking spice, menthol, citrus, dried cherries, and cocoa. The palate is dark and rich, with cinnamon, peanuts, vanilla, cocoa, cornbread, and a hint of earthiness. The mouth feel is full and oily, with a long finish that dwells on dried fruits.