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Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Solera Method Rye Whiskey


Doc Swinson's rum finished rye whiskey started as an experimental project when they found themselves with an excess of 5+ year rums from Trinidad, Venezuela, and Jamaica alongside a number of recently dumped bourbon casks a few years ago. After dumping the aged rum, they decided to employ the Solera aging method, a technique for blending and aging from the old world, to create a rum cask rye whiskey. Spicy rye and fruity rums are a natural complement — think Caribbean spice cake.

The blend starts as two different 5 year old ryes from MGP - a 95% Rye 5% malted barley mashbill and a 51% rye 4% malted barley 45% corn mashbill - that when blended come out to about 73% rye. This is then diluted from it's original cask strength of 120 to 103, the golden proof, before being added into the top row of the Solera. After a pull for bottling is made the whiskey is proofed down to bottle strength and rested before bottling.

On the nose, you'll find light oak, anise, allspice, pear, apple cider, fig, and cinnamon. The palate follows with swirls of caramel, poached pear, grassy cane sugar, pineapple, dried fruits, and warm tingly spice. The finish is mellow but lengthy, leaving you on spicy oak and more dried fruits and fig. Bottled at 47.5% abv.