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Don's Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

You should be drinking more mint juleps! With Don’s Mint Julep, now you’re out of excuses. Put on your hat, get outside! Make a classic mint julep in under 10 seconds.

We should all spend more time outside. The sun and wind and even the bugs are good for us. The mint julep is an outdoor drink. So when the mercury rises, fill your glass with crushed ice, a touch of Don’s Mint Julep and a good slug of Bourbon and just hang out! This is all about the mint. But not the kind of stuck in your teeth over-muddled mint. Not the take of the garden mint. Pure clean up front, round about, and lingering mint. Don extracts mint three ways to give you a ton of flavor that will stand up to the strongest and most assertive spirits.

Ingredients: Filtered water, cane sugar, fresh mint, vegetable glycerin, organic white vinegar