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Espolon Blanco Tequila

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Sweet and zesty, this light-bodied blanco is appealingly smooth and easy to drink. Nice bright cayenne and terra-cotta notes on the nose, but none of the brininess on the palate that these would suggest. Instead, it's lean, slightly fruity and relatively mellow. Nice flavors, and a particularly good value in its price bracket.

Espolòn is sourced from 100% blue weber agave, grown in rich soil at 1800–2000 meters above sea level. The challenging environment of the Highlands yields fruit with a higher sugar content and more intense flavor. Once harvested and inspect, the piñas are cut into four pieces, as opposed to the industry average of two, because the increased surface area helps create a sweeter more approachable tequila.

The piñas are slow cooked for up to 22 hours to allow for maximum caramelization. The softened piñas are then transferred to a milling area for sugar extraction, where the fruit is gently crushed to release the juice that will be fermented. Fermentation is done with proprietary yeast, in sealed stainless steel tanks to guarantee a clean agave flavor. Both column and pot stills are used for distillation, the pot still production is noteworthy for its very slow distillation, allowing for the best flavor extraction.