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Fanny Fougerat Through the Grapevine 1994 Vintage Cognac

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Through The Grapevine is La Maison and Velier's line of full strength, single casks Cognacs sourced from small producers all around the region. Many of these producers are relatively unknown, primarily selling their brandy to the big Cognac houses to be used in massive blends, and if they do bottle their own brandy, it is often just for the local market. Bottlers like LM&V who come through and find stellar casks to bottle in their natural state are some of the best opportunities for drinkers like us to get exposed to the real gems of Cognac. 

Featured here is Fanny Fougerat, a fourth generation distiller. Her family had been selling to the big houses that dominate Cognac for years; she is the first in her family to bottle her own Cognac. Growing in the renowned Borderies appellation as well as a small amount in the Fins Bois, she also bottles everything unblended and without any additives. This shared ethos between her and Through The Grapevine makes their coming together an inevitability. 

This cask comes from Ugni Blanc vines cultivated in Borderies, from the 1994 harvest. Distilled off the lees, Fanny did slightly reduce the brandy with water over the course of the twenty plus years of aging. The nose is full of honey, walnuts, wildflowers, toffee, and oak spice. On the palate, it's viscous and oozing with brown butter, green apple, cocoa, tangerine, and apricot. The finish moves into botanical territory. Over steeped tea, orange oils, meadowsweet, leather, and more nuttiness as well lingers on the end for some time. Bottled at 52.8% abv.