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Farolito Penca Verde Ancestral Mezcal

Farolito Penca Verde is made by maestro Valentin Celis, who has been making mezcal for In Situ Mezcaleria in Oaxaca City for many years. Made with agave Penca Verde; on the bottle it is labeled as ‘Agave Sp’ which means it is an unclassified species. Once cooked and crushed, the agave are fermented in clay pots, and then distilled in a small clay pot still. The initial Farolito batch imported into the US was 702 bottles.

A hint of wood smoke on the nose, lightly sweet with a hint of lavender. On the palate intensely juicy and sweet. Honey, lavender, big citrus, some earthy notes, lemon brine, more honey, and then just a perfectly balanced smoked meat. This is the honey glazed burnt end of mezcal. A drool-inducing finish that goes on and on with a lingering sweetness. Remarkably distinct.