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Found North 16 Year Cask Strength Whisky Batch 002

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Batch 002 was initially planned as another rye whisky built around a 17 year rye aged in ex-wheated bourbon barrels. However, while blending, Found North discovered that increasing the corn ratio drastically improved the whisky, with the blend akin to a fantastically spicy old bourbon, but without the bitter over-oaked finish. "Batch 002 is a Bourbon-lover's whisky." - Nick Taylor

A supermajority of this bottling is 20 year corn whisky aged in a combination of new and used American oak, with the flavor of new wood joined by bright fruit, butterscotch, a dynamic swirl of caramel, burnt demerara sugar, and sweet clementines. The impact of the 17 year rye component comes through with fresh and creamy vanilla, minty spice, pine needles, and a touch of red apple. Rich, deft, and intensely complex, a new take on the US's most popular style of whiskey, and a rare treat. Bottled at 64.9% abv.