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Four Roses OBSF "Fairy Garden" Barrel Strength Bourbon

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Since we've started bringing in Four Roses private selections, we've been excited about getting some of the more obscure recipes you don't come across as frequently, and it's a delightful experience now that we're here. The "F" yeast strain may be the least familiar, even to many Four Roses aficionados, although it is featured heavily in their Small Batch Select, one of last year's most lauded new Bourbons. The distillery calls out in particular the herbal and minty notes that it brings, and particularly with the higher rye mashbill, that shines through.

"Fairy Garden", bottled at 58.8% abv, really leans into the herbal qualities, along with a puckish zing that can take you by surprise if you don't let it open and breathe for a few minutes. But when you do, what wonders await! Intensely spicy aromas, along with mint, tobacco, and root beer dance upon your nose, teasing to overtake you, but their impish whimsy is but a game. On the palate, sweet creamed corn and cherry vanilla swirls play backdrop to a pagan processional of herbs, alongside evermore tickling rye spice. On the finish, this processional reaches a climax, focusing in on a strong punch of parsley, which leaves you reeling on a slightly dry, savory, fading memory... a most rare vision.