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Shop Our Store Picks!

Good Vodka

Good Liquorworks makes vodka, but better. They purchase ripe, discarded coffee fruit. Specifically, the skin and pulp of the coffee cherries, much of which is cast aside once the bean has been harvested, with over 15 million tons wasted every year. Good works with the Colombian Coffee Federation to compensate farmers for their fruit waste. They concentrate the fruit they gather and import it to the US, where it is fermented and distilled to create vodka in upstate New York.

By upcycling food waste, Good Vodka has created a carbon-negative product, with every bottle saving the carbon equivalent of 40 miles in a gasoline-powered car. In addition, by distilling from fruit, they've created a vodka that has character! Lush, with a roudner and richer flavor, and without the sting one often finds in mass-manufactured grain vodkas.