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Gouden Carolus Belgian Single Malt Whisky

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Gouden Carolus is a well-regarded Belgian beer producer, and now it’s taking aim at becoming a well-regarded whisky producer, of which there are only a handful in Belgium. Their Single Malt is distilled from the mash of Gouden Carolus Tripel beer. Distilled in hand hammered copper pot stills, and aged in first fill Bourbon casks, followed by a further aging in ‘Anker’ casks (oak casks re-wooded by the cooper according to the distillery’s own specifications). 

This single malt from Het Anker pours with a golden straw color and invites sipping with aromas of cereal and lemon peel. It's light-bodied with a palate that offers notes of honey, grain, pear, and lemon meringue. Light grapefruit flavors pick up into lemongrass, followed by the bitterness of orange peels and leather, anise, and copper. The funk from the Belgian yeast comes in on the finish to round out the sweetness and balance the bitterness. It's sweet from beginning to end, with all the other flavors coming in three distinct waves. It's a delightful dram, and not just for Belgian beer lovers.