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Hampden 2010 LROK Jamaica Habitation Velier Rum


As with all of the Habitation Velier releases, this is pure, uncut rum from a traditional pot still, giving a full, genuine, and intensely flavorful look into what one of the great distillates of the rum world can do when left to its own devices. Distilled in a double retort pot still, this mark (LROK) specifically refers to rums with an ester content between 350-450 gr/hlpa, labeled "Light Rum Owen Kelly", or LROK as a shortened designation. It should be noted that this is a light rum only by Hampden Estate's standards, with an ester count far above almost all other rums on the market. 

On the nose the rum is huge, even after an extended period in the glass, and even significantly diluted. Fermenting wine, tropical fruits, cooked bananas, a hint of gasoline and wood varnish, and behind it all a lovely welcoming vanilla and warm baking spice. The palate follows with more big juicy fruit: papaya, red grapes, raisin, banana, and tart raspberry. The finish is long and brings out more of the oak. Clove, tingly spice, and anise all wave goodbye as the fruit basket looks on. This isn’t the funkiest Jamaican rum out there, but it’s one of the biggest. Bottled at 62% abv.