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Heaven's Door 6 Year Cask Strength B&B Private Barrel Bourbon

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When Heaven's Door, the Bob Dylan inspired and endorsed whiskey brand, came knocking on our own door with barrel samples, we were very excited to learn that what they were slinging was cask strength bourbon from MGP in Indiana. Some of our greatest store picks have come from MGP, and we are always looking for more of that magic if we can find it. Tasting through the available barrels, there were some duds and some gems, while one stood out in particular as having both the most balance, and the most chutzpah.

Aged for 6 years and made from a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, this charmer of a barrel was bottled uncut at a cask strength of 58.9% abv. On the nose, there is initially lots of rye, zesty savory notes alongside baking spice, with cornbread behind it, and after settling in the glass a while, birthday cake with vanilla icing. The palate follows with bright fruit and assertive spice. Juicy honeycrisp apple and orange zest sit alongside brown sugar, caramel popcorn, a twinge of black pepper, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. The finish announces itself with a beautiful Kentucky hug (Indiana embrace?), and then ends with flavors of pancakes, honey, and herbs. This is a whiskey that shows maturity beyond its age, demonstrating an impressive balance of flavors, the heart of which is that brilliant pop of bright and fruity character that tends to be lost over time, but really shines here. A fantastic treat!