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High Coast Hav Swedish Single Malt Whisky

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Hav is the Swedish word for Sea. In the majestic landscape of a world heritage site, High Coast Distillery sits where the beautiful river Ångermanälven merges into the sea. Here, the river is just about to reach the coast and slowly disappear out into the world, just like this single malt whisky. The message Hav brings to the world is an expression of oak, with a touch of spice and a little northern hardiness. Part of the High Coast origin series, showcasing the distillery's location, history and geography.

Hav consists of 76.82% unpeated whisky and 23.18% of peated whisky. 66.85% has matured in small casks of Hungarian and Swedish oak up to 5 months then transferred to Bourbon barrels for an average of 6.09 years. 30.84% has matured solely in Bourbon barrels and 2.67% has been finished in 40 liter Hungarian oak casks. Hav contains no artificial colouring and is not chill-filtered. Unpeated malt: Pilsner malt from Vikingmalt in Halmstad. Peated malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgien as well as peated malt from Scottish maltsters. Peated to a phenolic level of 31 and 46ppm with peat from Scotland. Barley types: Henley, Sébastian, Rosalina, Scarlett, Quench, Tipple, Barke.

The first thing you notice is spicy malt notes, then comes the fruit - candied orange peel and raspberries. Dark chocolate, dried grass and cinnamon flavors emerge and are then followed by a little marzipan. On the palate a little cracked black pepper flickers through a rounded and full-bodied palate, which carries plenty of thick caramel, tropical fruit and vanilla cookies. Finish shows a hint of citrus fruit, brown sugar and earthy florals remain.