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Shop Our Store Picks!

Interrobang White Vermouth

Interrobang is devoted to the design and production of premium, artisanal vermouths, inspired by old-world recipes, made with Pacific Northwest wine grapes, and fortified with Clear Creek Brandy, their carefully selected botanicals and production processes add aromatics and flavors that few vermouths can obtain.

White Vermouth No. 73 is based on a traditional Southern French recipe. This white semi-dry vermouth includes cinchona, cinnamon and 5 other organic or sustainable botanicals. It took 73 times through the recipe to perfect the production. 17.5% ABV.

Honey-colored, Interrobang White Vermouth has a floral nose with notes of honey, cardamom, and citrus on the palate. Styled after traditional quinquina vermouth, it ends with a cinchona bitterness that completes the finish.