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Jack Daniel's 1938 Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey

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This wildcard bottling from Jack Daniel's Distillery is the second bottle to debut in their new bonded series, the first additions to their standard lineup in many years. It is a blend of three whiskies: 60% Jack Daniel's Rye, 20% Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, and 20% Jack Daniel's American Malt Whiskey. This marks the first time the brand has used its Malt Whiskey (100% malted barley) in a bottling, and makes for a final mashbill that is utterly unique. 

On the nose, you get pound cake, banana pudding, fresh baked bread, fig newtons, pine, cinnamon, and a subtle earthiness. The palate follows through with that classic banana bread note that Jack Daniel's whiskey is famous for, but much less sweet and more spicy and savory than Old No. 7. Sweet cherries, root beer, and fresh grain intermingle, showcasing the high amount of both rye and malted barley. The finish lingers of baking spices and maltiness. Bottled at 50% abv.