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Shop Our Store Picks!

Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 22 Wheated Bourbon

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Whiskey and sea have always been good friends with good and sometimes bitter memories. With Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea bottles, they are in the utmost search of the impact of aging at the sea, particularly aging at the sea and ocean conditions for a longer period compassing different regions, enduring challenging natural environmental phenomenons.

Voyage 22 has the special heated mash bill. This voyage spent considerable time traveling around the world, starting from Savannah to Manzanillo, then a stormy trip on the Pacific to Australia. With fluctuating climate conditions, the ship made it to Shanghai and made it to Tacoma, Washington. Re-entering the Caribbean at the end of a storm season was their start for a European trip through Baltimore. Storms made them turn to Africa and then back to Baltimore under cold and stormy conditions. After staying in Baltimore for 5 days, Voyage 22 made it back to Savannah! 

The story took place in 9 years on a ship! All the climate depressions and storms of course had an impact on this whiskey. That is actually what Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea is all about. The nose starts with damp oak, corn cereal, orange zest spray with caramel. Aside from the freshness of mint, there is no sharp corners The palate is rich, starting with honey, salted caramel, black pepper, cinnamon, and marshmallow. As time goes, cherries, tobacco appears with oak spices. The finish is medium to long with a touch of beechwood, white peppers, bitter carob, licorice and cocoa.