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Katún Artesanal Yucatan Gin

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Gin Katún is crafted in Yucatán, Mexico by a former mezcal producer. Committed to making a product that embodies its origin, the 17 unique botanicals include local ingredients like heirloom citrus, cardamom, achiote, sage, chilies including habanero and xcatic, and tropical fruits. The botanicals infuse the gin with a sense of place, the only imported element being juniper. The neutral base spirit is made from corn, and after maceration and distillation the still strength liquor is mixed with cenote water before filtering and bottling (cenotes are underground caverns that form when limestone caves collapse, leaving a sinkhole in the earth that fills with clear turquoise water.) After a 10 day maceration, the gin is distilled and bottled up at 42% ABV. The ornate label is full of Mexican symbols and legends, and you'll also be able to spot the botanicals on there too!