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Ki No Tea Green Tea Gin

The KI NO TEA expression by the Kyoto Distillery includes Tencha and Gyokuro leaves in its botanical list, in an attempt to bring out the deep, complex flavors of matcha green tea. The expression was created in collaboration with Horii Shichimeien, a tea-growing company founded in 1879, during the Meiji Era. The tea leaves are harvested in the Okunoyama tea yard, dating back to the 1300’s, and they are carefully blended with a secret botanical recipe, which also includes Hinoki cypress, yuzu and juniper, among others.

Gentle aromas give the impression of walking into a silent Japanese tea house. The nose initially brings fresh citrus, followed by rich, sweet notes of green tea. The sweetness of the tea grows on the palate, creating a silky, smooth base of rich milk chocolate and cream. The finish is long and warming, as the citrus reappears to complement the tea's decadence.