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Shop Our Store Picks!

Ki No Bi Sei Navy Strength Gin

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The limited edition “SEI” is crafted from the same 11 botanicals as the original Ki No Bi Dry Gin (green tea leaves (gyokuro), yuzu, sansho pepper, hinoki cypress, ginger, bamboo leaves, red perilla, lemon peel, juniper berries, orris, pepper tree buds), and distilled in the same 6 flavor categories, but bottled at a higher strength 54.5% ABV. The proof packs a more intense punch than the classic, and is ideal as a base for cocktails, especially the Gin & Tonic. The name “SEI” comes from the Kanji character “勢” which carries the meaning of “power” in Japanese.

Similar to the Kyoto Dry, yuzu and juniper notes are overwhelmingly present in the nose. As with most Navy Strength gins, this is extremely expressive, very juniper forward and citrus heavy. Fantastic when served with premium tonic water and a citrus peel, which helps the flavors shine. Yuzu and lemon made their presence known immediately, whilst the Hinoki woodiness, ginger, and sansho spice came following in that order.