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La Cigarrera Oloroso Sherry

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This Oloroso is a minimum of 6 years old. Produced from the palomino grape variety; it is fortified up to 18%, spending at least 6 years aging oxidatively in solera, without the protection of flor. La Cigarrera is produced exclusively from vineyards in the Jerez Superior Denomination of Origin. They are located in the original bodega from 1891 in the Plaza Madre de Dios in the Barrio Bajo (lower part) subzone of Sanlúcar de Barr.

Unusual and interesting, quite light, hazelnut, hints of salt, quite punzante (sharply assertive), oloroso but some amontillado there too - almost like a blend of the two. Round and dry on the palate, fairly light and tangy with a warming follow-through. Delicious and long, a bit unusual.