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Las Perlas de Jalisco Raicilla de Costa


Las Perlas de Jalisco Raicilla de Costa is distilled by Maestro Raicillero Santiago Díaz Ramos near Las Guásimas which is about 30 minutes north of El Tuito, the largest town in the Cabo Corrientes municipality of Jalisco, Mexico. This raicilla is made from single-origin maguey Verde (agave Angustifolia) and maguey Amarillo (agave Rhodacantha) grown for over 12 years on hilly, coastal terrain.

The agaves are cooked in a stone-lined underground pit that is sealed with clay. The following day, water is added to create steam. The total cook time is approximately 72 hours. The cooled agaves are chopped using sledge hammers and machetes in a wooden trough and are then run through a mechanical chipper. The fibers and resulting juices are fermented in a large masonry tanks along with spring water. Fermentation occurs over 20 or more days from wild airborne yeasts. It is first distilled in a 400 liter stainless steel pot still and the second distillation is in a smaller Higuera wood “Filipino” still with a copper top. The resulting raicilla is both floral and vegetal with notes of olive, green pepper and a touch of creamy sweetness.