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L'Encantada Tattoo Series "Armagnac" Brandy

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L'Encantada is an independent bottler that started as a bunch of Armagnac loving friends who decided to do something about the fact that there was so much great undiscovered brandy consistently just being sold to negociants (large non producer houses) to be hidden away in boring, young, watered down blends. So they started offering small estates a premium to retain some of their stock as single barrel, cask strength selections for them to bottle in their natural state, without any additives. They quickly made quite a name for themselves, showcasing impressive vintages from previously unknown estates, true Armagnac nerds' Armagnac.

The Tattoo series, made in collaboration with the fantastic PM Spirits, presents blends of L'encantada's stock of stellar single vintage brandies that have undergone an experimental secondary barrel finishing. This batch is a blend of five 26-35 year old single casks of Armagnac that have been traditionally aged in Gascon oak barrels and individually finished for 3-6 months in Weller bourbon casks from the Buffalo Trace Distillery (preventing it from legally being called Armagnac). They're then blended in Armagnac casks and allowed to settle for 4 months prior to being bottled with no dilution, filtration, or additives. The casks used are a Domaine de Bellair from 1989, a Domaine Lasalle from 1992, and three casks of Del Cassou from 1985, 1993, and 1994. Bottled at a cask strength of 47.6% abv.