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Letherbee Autumnal 2020 Gin

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The oak barrel holds an almost mythological place in the crafting of spirits. Barrels have been used for thousands of years to store countless types of goods including wine, beer, spirits, tea, pickles, hot sauce, maple syrup, mustard, salted fish...and the list goes on. Spirits makers who employ barrel-aging often point to the casks themselves as a key component to their products’ quality and character. Letherbee began their program of barrel-aging gin in May 2015, slowly and steadily laying down an array of barrels, and waiting.

The Letherbee Autumnal Gin 2020 is a straight up barrel-aged gin. They've picked their favorite barrels and layered them into a blend. No sugar, caramel, or any other sweeteners or colors are added. It’s bone dry and sits in a balance of being uplifting yet grounded, ethereal yet solid, aromatic and earthy. All casks used are 53 gallon American Oak, brand new, first fill, meaning they’ve never had any other liquid in them. Veering away from the preferences of whiskey producers, they use barrels that are lightly toasted on the inside - a distinction from the more aggressive charred insides of barrels typically used for aging Bourbon. This bestows a gentler, more delicate, and more nuanced oak impression that preserves space for the gin’s botanicals to carry on singing their aromatic harmonies.