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Shop Our Store Picks!

Los Abuelos Fortaleza Flight

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Fortaleza Tequila is the only brand produced by the tiny Los Abuelos distillery, a stark contrast to the huge, industrial, multi-brand Tequila distilleries that now dominate the industry. Re-opened in the '90's by Guillermo Sauza after watching his great-great-grandfather's brand be sold off to a conglomerate and turned into a shell of it's former self quality-wise, the small family production has since become a cult favorite without peer. From slow cooking in old stone ovens, to tahona milling, to fermenting in open top vats, to distilling to only 46% on their tiny old pot stills, almost everything at Los Abuelos is done the old fashioned way to create a characterful and full-flavored Tequila, eschewing efficiency for quality.

Includes: Fortaleza Reposado Winter Blend 2020 Tequila, Fortaleza Reposado Tequila, Fortaleza Anejo Tequila