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Los Vecinos del Campo Ensamble No 1 Mezcal

This ensamble is made with three types of agave: 90% espadín, 5% barril, and 5% madrecuishe. Ten families of mezcaleros located in the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca make up the producers of the Los Vecinos del Campo brand. The mezcales are artisanally produced using locally-grown agaves. Bottled at 90 proof.

There’s punchy smoke on the nose, but it’s clean and inviting, lightly sweet with the essence of a mesquite wood fire. The palate is quite sweet and punchy with fruity lemon and pear notes — before a sultry but restrained smokiness elbows its way into the mix. The mezcal evolves further on the finish, with intriguing notes of caramel, black pepper, and a dusting of chili powder. Masterfully blended and wholly approachable — with plenty of nuance and intrigue for the more experienced mezcal drinker.