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Maison Turin Pastis Blanc Liqueur

Original Price $84.50
Current Price $34.99

Maison Turin was a small distillery in Southwest France's Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, specialized in the production of high-end aperitifs. Unfortunately, as they catered heavily to high end restaurants in major French cities, the pandemic hit them especially hard, and they were forced to close after over 30 years in business. It also happens that their liqueurs and spirits are absolutely top notch, and though we haven't stocked them in the past because of their high prices, we have been huge fans of everything we've tried from them. We simply didn't think there was much of a demand for liqueurs near the hundred dollar mark...

In a cruel but perhaps predictable plot twist, their shuttering has meant that we got the chance to bring these stellar bottles in at a massive price reduction, making them some of the best deals we can think of in the liqueur and aperitif department. But of course, once they are gone they are gone for good. For fans of pastis, this is a rare and fine expression of the spirit, with rich, pure anise character that captures the sweet and savory side of it, rather than a simplistic licorice candy version. Great in a traditional serve on its own, diluted to achieve the classic "louche" effect, or in a cocktail. Bottled at 45% abv.