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Maker's Mark "B&B Spiced Cobbler" Private Selection Bourbon

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While the flavors of a single barrel of bourbon come from an incalculable combination of inputs – Maker’s consistency is an opportunity to isolate and dig into woods particular influence. By sourcing multiple varieties of oak, and changing how it is treated, cut, seared, roasted, toasted, and charred, a vast library of profiles and possibilities open up. A partnership with the Independent Stave Company is at the heart of their Private Selection barrel program. With 5 different stave profiles, and 10 total staves going into each barrel – over 1,000 unique recipes can be created. Armed with samples of whiskey fully finished with each stave profile, we crafted three dramatically different recipes. Three cask strength barrels were loaded up with 10 staves each, for an additional 9 weeks of aging. They've been christened our Red Velvet, Holiday Bombe, and Spiced Cobbler barrels - and we are very excited to share them with you!

Caramel, warm toasty oak, bright ripe cherries and sweet summer peaches, creamy vanilla, candied orange peel, pie crust, a hint of tobacco, and a wisp of barrel char. Our ode to a classic bourbon profile, the Spiced Cobbler barrel puts the Stave Profile No. 46 front and center, creating a whiskey loaded up with lush orchard fruits and buttery toffee. A bundle of French Cuveé staves, with their big dose of baking spice and woodiness add layers of personality sometimes not associated with the wheated bourbon category. And finally, a light touch of American Pure’s brown sugar and vanilla. After tasting, we’re curious to see if this one brings any other classic distilleries to mind. We’ll keep things Maker’s focused here – but confess to drawing on a particular inspiration for this one.