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Mal Bien Papalote Barranca Mezcal


Don Ciro has been distilling agave spirits longer than most mezcaleros have been alive. His grandson Javier, on the other hand, is relatively new to the family business, having spent much of his 20s in “el norte.” Working together for the past 7 years, theirs is a story of tradition, the passing of generational knowledge and its adaptation in a new era.

Like other mezcaleros in the region, the Barranca family works mainly with maguey papalote, though they also have Chilapa’s largest collection zacatoro (local A. angustifolia variant). This particular batch of Papalote joven (batch 1020JB) was made by Javier working a medias with a Magueyero neighbor who provided the plants in exchange for half of the finished batch. Bottled at 50.3% abv.